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Reduction Co-ordinator - based at Kidlington

Job Title: Reduction Coordinator
Location: Kidlington
Salary: 25,000 to 28,000 depending on experience
Hours: 40 per week, Monday to Friday with occasional night work
Contract Type: Permanent

RPS Group is an international environmental consultancy employing over 5,000 people worldwide and a key player in Water Leakage Management. Here at RPS, we have a fantastic opportunity for a Reduction Coordinator to work as a key member of our Leakage Reduction Team on our Thames Water contract.

Job Purpose

It is believed that a significant proportion of ‘Leakage’ consists of both apparent and real losses. These losses have a negative impact on the Company’s Water Balance. These losses may consist of broken meters, unmetered commercial usage and burst pipes within a DMA.
The purpose of the team is to identify key areas of loss on the network whether apparent or real and determine the strategy and approach to resolving the area as swiftly and effectively as possible. It is the role Reduction Coordinator to manage the progress of the DMA’s towards resolution ensuring that they have sufficient resource in each and that successes and challenges are reported upwards in a timely manner.
High-Level Responsibilities
• Key communicate within the team.
• Planning the deployment of resources in the selected DMA’s to ensure consistent progress and results.
• Monitor the progress of work through to resolution.
• Analysis of DMAs to identify real and apparent or real losses.
• Ensure swift sign off of DMA’s.
• Point of contact in absents of the Project Manager.

Principal activities

• Scrutinise Thames Waters Leakage data.
• Deploy Investigation Technicians in the field to obtain further information.
• Design DMA validation investigations, raise PTW’s
• Deploy Integrity Engineers into the field to undertake validation investigations
• Responsible for collating data from investigations and preparing reports.
• Preparation of both Client & Internal weekly reports.
• To update Z-One with required reports
We are looking for a person with the following attributes:
• Experience in analysing DMA water balance data.
• Health and Safety awareness
• Water network knowledge, or similar
• Computer literate and report writing skills
• Understanding of Netbase system including Aorta, GIS, and SCADA, or similar
• Proven track record in data analysis and manipulation
• Client management and customer satisfaction
• Excellent communication skills
• Strong leadership and people management skills.

We are an equal opportunities employer and offer a range of staff benefits.

RPS is an equal opportunity employer.