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Clean Water Integrity Engineer - South London & Thames Valley

Job Title: Clean Water Integrity Engineer– South London & Thames Valley, England

Location: Croydon & Kidlington

Salary: £24k-£26k depending on experience

Hours: 40 hrs per week, Monday to Friday with occasional night work

Contract Type: Permanent

RPS Group is an international environmental consultancy employing over 5,000 people worldwide and a key player in Water Leakage Management. Here at RPS, we have a fantastic opportunity for a Clean Water Integrity Engineer to work as a key member of our DMA Enhancement team on our Thames Water contract.

Job Purpose

It is believed that a significant proportion of ‘Leakage’ is actually water being used legally or illegally, but not being accounted for in the Company’s Water Balance. This may include unrecorded usage due to broken meters, illegal use, unmetered commercial use, new developments, incorrect DMA boundaries, incorrect District meter flows or beaches.

The purpose of the DMA Enhancement Project is to identify and/or investigate specific areas/customers where there is a suspicion of UFW. Where UFW is confirmed, to prepare a plan for resolution of the issue, brief the resolution activity owners, and follow through to completion.

Responsibilities and Activities associated with this role include, but are not limited to the following:

High Level Responsibilities:
• Field activity in DMA’s to validate the integrity of the DMA.
• Field activity in DMA’s to confirm/ identify actual or potential sources of Unaccounted-for Water (UFW).
• Collation of results and reporting back to the DMA Enhancement Campaign Project Manager or DMA Enhancement Analyst.

Principal Activities

• Carry out field activities to prove the integrity of a DMA, including:
 *Boundary Valve Proving to verify clients plans are correct
 *Carry out District Meter Flow Tests, DMA Isolations and boundary proving to ascertain that the consumption reported by the client & Corporate Systems is correct.
 *Create LCA’s whether it is short term or permanent to identify and manage possible leakage or NRW within DMA.
 Step Testing activities, quantifications and follow up work within the network.
• Follow up on points of interests (POI’s) passed on by the Investigation Technicians via the DMA Enhancement Analyst and DMA Enhancement Campaign Project Manager, including:
 *Whilst in the field, identify and investigate any further potential UFW as well as leakage, usage, or change of DMA boundary.
 *Log both Domestic & Commercial properties and record all data accurately.
 *Record meter readings and be able to attach domestic and/or commercial loggers to ascertain the amount of water being consumed.
 *Carry out property counting on an adhoc basis and accurately record findings.
 *Carry out CIS investigation checks for accurate recordings of premises SIC codes.
 *Use different types of acoustic, flow and pressure loggers

• Carry out all quantifications with in a given DMA to ascertain any leakage outstanding
• Data capture, accurate timekeeping and correct completion of timesheets and other records including night by night activities.

Critical Factors

We are looking for a person with the following attributes:

• Good knowledge of Health & Safety policies and procedures, including maintenance and use of PPE;
• Water Network Knowledge;
• Valve Ops accredited;
• Good knowledge, understanding and use of BOP’s;
• Good track record of the detection and proving of both mains side and customer side leakage;
• Good knowledge and experience of the deployment of various types of acoustic, flow and pressure logging equipment;
• Good knowledge and experience of the deployment of domestic and commercial loggers;
• Good understanding of all sources of potential UFW;
• Ability to carry out all aspects of property counts as well as CIS & SIC Investigations;
• Good client management and customer satisfaction;
• Proven track record in data analysis recording and reporting;
• Good communication skills;
• Computer literate;
• Motivated as part of a team;
• A full driving licence.

We are an equal opportunities employer and offer a range of staff benefits.

RPS is an equal opportunity employer.

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